Game Identity

Jam Prototype - Closed

Time Doesn't Care was a prototype made for the Cordoba Game JAM 2015. It is a game of exploration and interaction set in a street of some world cyerpunk.

My main rol was to be a Game Designer, i made a GDD with all possible interactions and its consequences. The scope of the game was very large for the time we had and the idea remained in a playable prototype with many bugs that did not represent the general idea of the game.

An exploration cyberpunk game

"To many ideas and very little time"

The idea remained in a playable prototype with many bugs - Time Doesn't Care

I always try to get the most positive things possible from each event that I attend and from each team in which I participate as well as from myself working alone. Time Doesn't Care was a very rich experience that helped me to understand once and for all how important it is to accommodate the scope of an idea at the time available.

Time Doesn't Care
Martiniano Bergoglio - Federico Grondon Soporsky - Martin Bravo - Alejandro Kondrasky - Wilson Hintz - Alejandro Wagner
Version Released (0.1.0) - Prototype
January 24, 2015
Exploring a cyberpunk corridor and find the consequences paired in each action you decide to do.