Game Identity

JAM Game - Closed

Totem Craft was born in Cordoba Game Jam 2016, the Global Gam Jam of Cordoba, Argentina. Strengthening the theory that when you want to make a simple game because the time is short generally the decisions leave out the standard scope of a Game Jam and try to make prototypes like Totem Craft.

The previous idea was to make a multiplayer, and the final decision was garnished with it being LAN, with ragdoll characters doing 100% of the models and textures.

A Multiplayer LAN with Ragdoll Characters

"Leaving the scope out of the logic"

5 members and 1 prototype working at the end of the JAM - The DrimTim

It was a very positive experience, we managed to work as a team, divide the tasks well and obtained at the end of the event a working prototype, with several bugs, but working :D.

Totem Craft
Windows Mac OS X
Martiniano Bergoglio - Diego Sarmentero - Pablo Navajas - Fernando Montalvo - Alejandro Wagner
Version Released (0.1.0) - Prototype
January 25, 2016
Global Game Jam 2016. Local multiplayer game where you have to craft your totem before your opponents. Cloth puppets art style with ragdoll characters.