Game Identity

Version 0.1.0 released - Polishing

Ancient Shadowbuster was a game that born with a simple core mechanic, thought as a top-down shadow demonbuster. During the process of developing the game, from the moment I put the idea into a prototype until I decided to make a playable version and release it, many things were changing, mutating, some disappeared and others formed the core of mechanics and gameplay.

But the point of inflection was when most of the features were ready but i felt that it needed to improve the cohesion of each of the parts, from the UI to the player controller. That was the moment when I decided to invest a little more of the time that was already developing Ancient Shadowbuster, and the truth is that I do not regret at all..

50% of game development time it's polished your Game

"Polish your game is one of the best invested time, all mechanics have to operate in a balanced way..."

In my case this stage exceeded the 50% - Martiniano Bergoglio

Investing that time was the best decision I could have made, not only to improve details that I used, but for the feedback from friendly developers, which was much better than I had.

Ancient Shadowbuster
Windows Mac OS X
Martiniano Bergoglio
Version Released (0.1.0)
November 23, 2016
Use the light sources and strategically active totems to destroy all shadow demons hordes! Be carefull, the Knight stalking you and Undeath is always behind! A Top-Down laser totems shadows demonsbuster in where you have to survive waves of demons hordes.