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Windows - Mac OS X

Ancient Shadowbuster

  • Release Date 11/23/2016

Use the light sources and strategically active totems to destroy all shadow demons hordes! Be carefull, the Knight stalking you and Undeath is always behind! A Top-Down laser totems shadows demonsbuster in where you have to survive waves of demons hordes.

Windows - Mac OS X

The Maniac Dead

  • Some day 2017/2018

Find humans, build shelters, survive weekly crisis, search provisions and don't forget to kill all the zombies! Use the Grandma, the Cheerleader, the Hippie! RTS style game with tower defense and first person shooter fights accompanied by humorous and satirical stituations under a comical and absurb approach.

Windows - Mac OS X - Consoles

Codename "Motioness"

  • Undated

Control the motion of the world, and yourself to. Synchronize different strategies coordinating the movement of the objects in the world to break through this amazing puzzle solving and logical movement game.

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Follow the light sources and activate the laser totems to destroy all shadow demons!